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Could a roach even ingest sand?

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I don't think that a cockroach could get impacted on sand. Even if you took the peeling off a banana and laid it in sand to were it got sand all over it, the roaches would just eat a few grains of sand to get to the inside of the banana, which isn't covered in sand. Or, the cockroaches would just ignore the banana all together because they don't want to eat the sand. It would take a lot of time and patience to get a cockroach impacted on sand. It wouldn't be worth it in my opinion. You also might be able to get the roach to eat the sand if you spray them then throw sand all over them. When the roach cleaned itself, it would eat the sand. That method is also used for getting sick roaches to eat honey, or killing roaches (they clean pesticide off of them self, which kills them.

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