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Crested gecko

Dubia Dynasty

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I don't own one but I happen to do a TON of research on reptiles and roaches.

Various sources say

keep them at room temp

Mist to keep humidity up

Get that repashy crested gecko diet for the health of the gecko

When babies, always have fresh crested gecko diet and feed insects once a day

When adults, feed them repashy diet and feed insects once a week

Taller terrariums are recommended

I suggest having a reliable digital probe temp in there

You can deck it out with live plants and make it as complex or as simple as you want it

They make great pets

I held my first crestie at a reptile show this year and I thought it was way different than holding a Leo or a beardie because you always have to be on your game and almost have to keep an eye on them when outside of terrarium

They seem like a really cool, easy, fun, entertaining animal to have!

Now I only have a beardie right now but I'm working my way on another animal :)

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Right off the top I needed 2 UVB bulbs thats like 45-$60. 2 zilla 40 gallon breeder tanks which were like $75 each. Then 2 basking bulbs another $20. The 2 lizards were $65 each. Then i bought all the powders, dry food, thermometers and hygrometers. It added up real quick lol too quick. And thats just for a stripped down paper towel floor substrate. I couldn't imagine making a natural setup. I wasn't raising roaches at the time either I had to buy crickets :angry: which makes me angry.

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If I had 2 dragons I would go buy a 6'x2'x2' terrarium with a divider in the middle so that makes two cages right there or I would build a huge cage and split it. For UVB UVA I would buy a 4 foot bulb and make it so try both get what they need. For basking lights and light fixtures I would go to walmart and buy 2 8 1/2 inch fixtures for $5 a piece I think and for heat bulbs I would use 75 watt regular house lights. I wouldn't feed dry food (just a preference and my dragon doesn't eat that anyways) and the crickets I would be SOL but I would raise the crickets like you would with dubia. Everything listed total, I believe if you find good deals on or make yourself, would be under or around $100. But that's just me and my kinda cheapness :)

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Ooohhhh yes it is.... I usually find my own stuff and bake it or something. My dragon right now has a really basic setup of a branch that goes from opposite corners, screwed on that is a ladder thing I got at a reptile show, sand mixed with coco fiber, a HUGE rock for basking, and a hide that he sits in a lot until I move him out of it... Lazy thing

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