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E. chopardi adults?


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How in the world do you tell if an E. chopardi is a full grown adult? are they like normal hissers in a sense that the males have horns and females do not? I have heard from sources stating that the only way you can tell is by the size. Is this true? They are SO tiny if mine are adults!!! ill be getting a link of a picture of them soon!

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E. chopardi males do have easily visible horns. My adults are about 2" long. Some males are slightly smaller. You can also sex the adults by checking the underside of their abdomen. Here is a picture explaining the sexing method:


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Yea. They do call them dwarf hissers for a reason lol.

I assume that any adult roach can be sexed that way. Every roach I've seen has that same abdomen characteristic for males and females. I don't know whether nymphs can be sexed that way too.

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