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Swing, swing.. (warning: cuteness inside)

Tongue Flicker

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Remember my babies?? Well for those of you who've only seen them now, I used to have 5 sugar gliders. I sold of three before I embarked on my 4-month Southeast Asia tour. Now Tasha (Anastasia), had 2 babies a month and a half before I came back so I'm back to having four.

Tasha and her fraternal twins (Separated Tasha from the colony back to an old cage since Andrei doesn't seem to like babies running around.)


The male joey cozying up to me


Caught the twins sleeping :D


And peeking


Not sure who was more surprised, me or them.. *note the sleeping one at the background lol*


Happy weekend guys! :)

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That last picture, so precious :wub:

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