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Epilampra maya


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There's a good chance I would never have found or been successful breeding these if it weren't for the help of the illustrious Team Carryblatta members Satchell Watts-Kerr and Alan Jeon. The original stock was collected under stones along a river in Arcadia, Florida. When frightened, the adults and nymphs scurry underwater.

Behold, Epilampra maya, the semi-aquatic Mayan cockroach!



They have bred very well for me and will hopefully be the second species from the subfamily Epilamprinae (the first being Opisthoplatia orientalis) readily available to roach hobbyists. :)

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If you sell these, how much?

I don't have any for sale right now but will in the near future. :)

Wow, they look awsome! Can they swim well? Are they able to reproduce at room temperature?

I don't think we ever saw them swim into open water, but they do crawl along the bottom very quickly by grabbing onto rocks, tree roots, and other debris. I have been keeping them around 85 F because I didn't know how well they would adapt to captivity; they turned out being very prolific and I will probably end up keeping them around 75 F.

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