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Mantis Pinning Problems


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Whenever I try and pin mantises, the same thing always happens. They turn black and rot, and I have to throw them away. I have not experienced this with any other insects. Here is a picture of a Stagmomantis limbata for reference- it was light brown when I pinned it, and now it has completely rotted. I have another mantis in the freezer waiting to be pinned, but I really want this one to turn out well. Does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent the specimen from rotting? After spreading, I keep the specimen in a dark, dry closet, free from pests and mold.


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If you put the specimen on sand after pinning that may help. You can also make a small cut in the ventral side of the mantis and take all the organs out, then use a little glue to seal it back up.

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