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Roach Identification?

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Anyone think they can ID the below roach? Earlier in the night when I went to place food in my Panchlora nivea tank I caught sight of this little interloper and I'm not sure if he somehow got in the tank or came with my shippment since I only acquired these guys a few months back. I live in FL if that helps. At his current size there is no way he could get in/out while the lid is on since I have this tank proofed so the skinny mini, escape artist boy P. niveas can't get out.

For size refrence the white thing in the soil next to him is a piece of oatmeal. If neccessary I can try to get some better photos in the morning. He is super fast and I only only just managed to snag him out of the tank at 4am so it is to bed for me now.


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Looks like a periplaneta nymph to me, maybe P. australasiae.

Americana and fulginosa manage to get into my colonies all the time, despite efforts to keep them out.

Definitely looks like a P.australasiae.

Thank you both for your input. That was what I was thinking but I'm still just rather surprised I managed to get a invader somehow. I've had a bunch of bins of different stuff over the years and never picked one up and it is ironic I got one in this tank considering it is the most proofed I have because the P. Nivea boys are so spritly. Maybe he managed to stow away on the cork bark since I did have that just sitting around for a while before I put it in the tank.

I actually have a second roach I've been meaning to have I.D. but I haven't gotten around to taking a photo of it. This one I know is an accidental addition when I purchased my P. Niveas. I was going to snag him out for a photo shoot but one of my P. Nivea girls was giving birth right nearby where he was hiding and I didn't want to disturb her.

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