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Housing together..

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Since I'm starting to have surplus dubias as well as a lot hermit crabs,

Can a trio of medium-sized land hermit crabs be housed together with small colony (or small group) of sub-adult & adult roaches like dubias or hissers maybe?

I know both are detritivores and opportunistic omnivores of the forest floor and both animals are social by nature. They would've probably shared a dead meal in the wild.

Anyone gave this a shot?

Thanks in advance! :)

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My hermit crabs are not anywhere from the beach. They were from underground caves at the middle of a tropical rainforest from an isolated island in the Philippines. i've kept those small to cantaloupe-sized hermits for 11 years only spraying them with saltwater during molting. No saltwater in tank only mineral blocks with iodine that only the crabs can access.

Then again, my geographical/climate advantage :)

But if it's that much of a risk then I'd rethink it more and feed off the surplus dubias to my skinks for now while doing more feasible experiments lol

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Haha! really big ones roughly smaller than coconuts are quite common here. They are not sold as they are technically everywhere and are kept by everyone from pesky kids to curious old people. They are considered pests here. Escapees from fruit boxes and lumber coming in from tropical Asia

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