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Sexing Discoid Roaches???? Nymphs


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so thats the easiest way to sex i take it.... do u have pictures, or can u find pictures because i dont know what to look for, exept for the the last scale,

because ive looked at the last scale and i cant tell if im looking at the last segment or the 2nd to last segment, because the last one is like smale but it might be connected IDK its hard to explain

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This should help. You can sex adults and large nymphs very easily with this method. If the nymphs are too small to tell the difference try getting a jewelers lens maybe.


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This methid that Doc shows above is very reliable. Especially if you have several and can compare what the narrow segment of the male looks like alongside the female's end segment being so much wider. It also works for othe insects like Praying Mantids.

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