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Local Field Herping! (Southern WV)


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Gotta love spring time! :) West Virginia is rich with amphibians in particular, so here are a few of my encounters this season:

Rana clamitans melanota


Juvenile Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens



Juvenile Plestiodon fasciatus (Two different encounters, probably same animal? Unfortunately he did not have his beautiful blue tail. Have seen adults around but they are much more wily. May put out a bucket with an inch of water and see what I get!)



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:) He's cute, isn't he? We have v. viridescens around here, which I think are especially adorable. He almost doesn't look real!
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Efts make bad pets. They spend all their time trying to escape from their enclosure no matter how big it is, they're poor eaters, they need to be kept cool, and captivity seems to accelerate metamorphosis- I've never had one stay orange and terrestrial for more than a month under my care even though all the wild efts are still roaming on land. On they're adults they do better and are lots of fun but of course they're dull colored and need an aquarium.

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There are some exciting newts that stay quite bright. :) Fire bellies come to mind. Axolotls are also a ton of fun if you have a flair for the exotic. Captive bred newts are pricier, but worth it for sure if you can find them!

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