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Cockroaches : Ecology, Behavior and Natural History

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I believe this to be the right forum for this, but I purchased a book for myself as a birthday gift about cockroaches. I love this book.


It's expensive, but worth it. It's not picture heavy, but it is loaded with information. It's directed towards the scientific community to help others either gain an appreciation for cockroaches, or learn more about the insects they love. There's a lot of terms in there I have had to google, but I was more than happy to do it!

I wanted to share this because I'm impressed with it, and I can't wait finish it.

Are there any other books out there that are recommended reads? I've already got the Allpetroaches book! :)

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A revision of the genus Arenivaga, by Heidi hopkins, is a great read if you're interested in that genus. Lots of nice pictures throughout the book, and you can download the pdf for free at google books.

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Thank you! I'm skimming it right now. I've never seen a Desert Cockroach before, but I know we have them. I downloaded the PDF. :D

PS: I just realized the other book has a glossary, so I didn't need to google anything.

After learning about their neat feets, I spent a good few minutes inspecting my roach's tarsi, attempting to study their arolium.

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