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Hi there

My name is Alfredo and I'm from Mexico.

I'm a photographer and all my whole life I liked insects, especially the cockroaches. Now, currently I post some funny photos of my hissers on Instagram, if you're interested :) (@apshot)

In august 2013 an American Periplaneta adult appeared in my house... Fortunately here it is very clean and almost never appear, so I decided captured it and care of all my love. Since then my passion for blatodeos grew. Oh, yeah, his name is Brody and it's a very cool roach and it has approximately 15 months of age :D

My Hissers:

1 Gromphadorhina Portentosa (Male)

1 Gromphadorhina Oblongonota (Male)

1 "Black" Princisia Vanwaerebeki (Male, I think)


3 Periplaneta Americana ("Brody", 1 very recently captured adult female and a young wingless not afraid of me)

1 German Cockroach (All his family died. His family arrived inside a terrarium for my iguana and I captured all. All died naturally and he was born and raised here)


Maybe a Death’s Head Cockroach but I never seen before... Or some hissers females for my boys... I don't know.

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