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He Keeps Flipping Himself Over!


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Every day, he'll try to climb the sides of the tank, and he will flip himself over.

I've come in and rescued him several times, but he just keeps doing it!

He's healthy, eating, and active. But he keeps flipping himself over.

Is there any way I can prevent this or have him climb on something else?

Because if he keeps this up, he'll be dead soon. I don't want him dead.

Has anyone else any experience with this?

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You should add some sticks and branches that he can grab onto and flip himself back over with.

Ah, clever idea! I've not the slightest idea why such a thing had escaped my mind. *Facepalms*. Thank you! I just now went outside and found a bunch of sticks and branches, and am freezing them for 72 hours to get the bacteria and mold killed. Thank you for your intelligence, of which I appear to lack.

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I'm sorry for your loss. :( It sucks to lose a roach. </3 I have a dead A.tesselata in the freezer that I want to preserve. I just don't know how. Was he old?

No, he wasn't old. Very young, actually. 5th instar. Much disappointment.

To preserve a roach you can stick him in a jar filled with 70-90 percent Isopropyl alcohol. That's what I did with Cornelius.

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