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Brief observations of Eublaberus "pantanal"

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After having my pantanals for a few weeks, I have some random observations to share. I am keeping them in a 20 gallon high aquarium in 3 inches of coconut fiber. On top of it is oak leaves and sheets of oak bark. They(110 of them) huddle buried in a ball in the middle of the tank. From this is a network of pencil thick tunnels leading around the tank. You can see them along the glass. Kind of how I picture a termite colony to live. They love flake fish food, oak leaves and oats. On the fresh side, they like grapes, zucchini and carrots. I have a video of one of them pushing a baby carrot underneath the bark. Unfortunately they very, very skittish. I have a red heat lamp above them but they won't come out if it's on. It must be the wrong kind. I can say the roach hobby has me, could overwhelm my pigeon hobby.

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Very interesting observations, I find it cute that they are all huddled up together! Yes this hobby is very addicting, prepare to have half a room devoted to multiple species of roaches, and possibly even other types of invertebrates! :P

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