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hi from france


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Hi everybody. I'm a french breeder of roaches, mantids, spiders, stick insects, slugs, snails,...

For roaches i have about 25 species. I'm here to share informations and maybe to found roaches to exchange later.

I'm particulary interested in the genius symploce and eublaberus. I love those two inds of roaches.

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Thanks a lot. I have :

Blaberidae spec. Kenya

Blaptica dubia " GOLD "

Elliptorhina javanica

Episymploce sundaica

Ergaula capucina

Eublaberus spec. Pantanal

Gromphadorrhina portentosa

Henschoutedenia flexivitta

Ischnoptera spec. Costa Rica

Loboptera decipiens

Lucihormetica verrucosa

Nauphoeta cinerea

Oxyhaloa deusta

Paratemnopteryx colloniana

Phoetalia pallida

Pycnoscelus femapterus

Pycnoscelus indicus

Pycnoscelus spec. " Malaysia"

Pycnoscelus striatus

Rhyparobia sp gold

Shelfordella lateralis

Symploce pallens

Symploce macroptera

Therea bernhardti

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Cool, 30 should be more than enough to start up a colony. :) Hope you are able to post some pictures of them, this forum does not have many pictures of this species.

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I only know of one person in the US with this genus, and I think he only has L.dimidiatipes. So yeah, they are really uncommon here.

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Well I can't ship outside of the US, so unfortunately I won't be able to exchange species with you. :(

However, some others may be willing to exchange with you, then they will hopefully spread them around in the US hobby. :)

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Well the shipping is quite expensive, and shipping across countries can be more dangerous for the roaches because of the longer trip. I don't really know about the legality of it all either.

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