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Thoughts on "The Complete Cockroach Breeding Manual"?


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Came across this on Amazon.


Anyone read it? Seems decent enough and I went over to their page to check things out too, but not sure if I want to spend the money when most of that info is readily available online. Plus it's almost phrased like something a door-to-door salesman would say lol.

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I see it has a number of pages loaded for preview on Amazon. I'm looking them over right now. I find the terms micro flies and dusting in the vocabulary silly. Read the definition for abdomen and check for legs on your cockroach abdomen. If you don't see my posts again you'll know I died laughing.

One thing I know people will like is the detailed explanations of how to cut holes along with page after page after page of photos of how to build a single cage. I've had bad reviews because there are people who think that is a necessary part of a husbandry guide. The feeding port seems like a novel idea for a roach cage (like the feeding port for mantis cages that has been in rearing manuals since at least 2001) but since the dog food isn't going to climb back out it seems like it would create more work than usefulness. The text is more informative than the husbandry chapter in the Rentz book. There is no literature cited but citations for websites the text was taken from are throughout the chapters.

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Wow not sure how I missed that part lol. Made me re-read the whole Amazon preview to see what else I might have missed. They should probably check their definitions a bit.

It could be a decent pickup for someone new to the hobby, but not sure how useful it would be for someone who has been keeping for a while. I think I'll leave it be for now.

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