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Managing Substrate with Clean Up Crews in it

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Hi Everone,

I was wondering if you have clean up crews like springtails and isopods, how do you manage the substrate? Do you just not ever change the substrate? Do you try to collect up all the isopods and springtails before you change the substrate? Do you just have separate colonies of springtails and isopods, so when you throw out the old substrate with the isopods and springtails in it you can just add some more to the new substrate?


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I only change substrate if there is something really wrong with it, weird fungal infections, extremely severe mite infestation, etc. Otherwise there is really no need to change the substrate.

When I do change the substrate, I take out most of the isopods, if there are any in the cage, and then throw out the substrate. Some isopods will be thrown out, but the majority will be saved. Then I replace the isopods and add springtails harvested from another cage.

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