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Dry food options


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What are all our options for dry food? I feed old fashioned outs (which they love) and fish flakes (eaten with gusto). Mine just pack away a bury dog and cat food, flush fish pellets just mold to flats. What other options are out there? Grits, shredded wheat?

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My dry mix is a mix of rabbit pelleted food, dog Kibble, alfalfa powder, Spirulina powder, and dried herbs from the garden blended to a powder. You mix the powder with just enough water to mould into patties, or many roaches from drier areas will eat it dry.

All the best from Bill. :D

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my chow recipe.

For 1kg:

cat food 150g

Wheat bran and oat 100g

dry milk 50g

dry biscuit 125g

patee for chicks 150g

croquette for guinea pig 100g

not roasted peanut 50g

fat for birds 25g

Flake potato puree 150g

dietetique yeast 100g

Its purpose is to provide all of which could be useful to cockroaches, knowing that they do not necessarily have the same needs or palatability.

Each element is crushed if exceeding 1mm but not powder: cockroaches are able to choose and therefore recognize each item.

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Thanks for the recipes Bufo Bill and histrio! I've been messing around with a few different dry diet ideas and those both help out a lot! :)

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