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I have BABIES!

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That's right folks! Today I discovered that my Blaberus craniifer decided to "get it on" a few months ago, as today I discovered tiny nymphs running around in the enclosure. They are about 3 millimeters long, and I have noticed that they exhibit some interesting behaviors that I do not think have been documented yet. The young nymphs feign death. I was trying to count the number of offspring my adults had produced, and to do that I had to move them into another enclosure to get an accurate count. When the nymphs were disturbed they played dead. They literally would roll onto their backs and fold in their legs when they were disturbed. I got my original stock of this species as small-medium nymphs and I had not observed this behavior in them, leading me to believe that this is something they grow out of. I have not seen anyone document this behavior before. Another interesting thing to note, but something you probably already know, the adults stridulate. Many roaches squeak, but the adults of this species makes sounds similar to a hisser. I've never heard them make sounds before.


The nymphs are very hard to see. They are nearly the same color as the substrate!


This might be the mother. I don't know.


This is the first non-feeder roach species that has bred for me in captivity. I counted 5 nymphs, but because of their size and color I'm sure there are more.

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Aww congrats!! :) It's fun finding babies in an enclosure that you have been waiting for them to show up! I hope they do well for you!

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Congrats! I've noticed the playing dead in tiny nymphs as well. Definitely makes them harder to see when the substrate is basically the same color, so I'm betting that's one of their defenses when they're young and can't escape as quickly.

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