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How To Upload Photos

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Seems like a lot of people ask how to upload photos here, so I thought I'd make a topic explaining how.

Step One: Upload your picture online. Doesn't matter where, Photobucket, your blog, another forum that lets you upload pictures straight from your computer, etc.

Step Two: Copy the image URL. On most sites you just left click/hold on your image and then click "Copy Image Address", as seen here (on some mobile devices it may say "Copy Link Address" instead, same thing):


On Photobucket, you have to hover over your image, select the "Share" option, and click the "Direct" photo link.



Step Three: Now, go to the forum and make a new post or topic. Click on the little tree icon on the toolbar, as seen here:


Once you click on it, this window will show up:


Paste your image's URL in there, click "OK", and you have uploaded your picture!

Hope this helps anybody who doesn't know how to upload their pictures here! :)

EDIT 2022: Now it's even easier to upload photos here due to the forum's new format. Step three can be disregarded completely, as you can now just paste the image URL directly into the text body of your comment/post, and the site will automatically convert it into an image after a few seconds (might need to press "enter" once or twice after posting the URL to get this to work).

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@Peter Clausen@Allpet Roaches perhaps this can be made a sticky post for the Cockroach Photo Gallery area, so newcomers know how to post photos here? Seems to be a hurdle for a lot of people more unfamiliar with forums and the way they work compared to social media. Just a thought, feel free to disregard.

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