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My "Bug Room"

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Which is actually just two shelves in my closet, I need more room lol! :lol: If you guys have any pics of your "Bug Rooms", please share! :)




Oh, and I have a couple of containers on a shelf with some board games.


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Room? Here at the bottom of the hobbyist's totem pole, a simple tabletop vivarium is more than adequate... ;-)


Haha thanks for sharing, I'm sure you'll end up with more enclosures eventually, this is a very addicting hobby. ;)

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No problem! :) Mine is only about 1/10 as large as your setup though! :D

Oh you'll get there I'm sure, the more roaches you get, the quicker you get them it seems. :)

Just posted about my roach room on my blog. Here's a link https://roachcollector.wordpress.com

Nice setup man! :)

Awesome! I actually have my own dedicated "room" for my roaches, but they stay confined to a similar closet. Closets work great!

Thanks! Yeah we don't have a lot of space here, so I can't have a whole room devoted to them, but hopefully I will within the next few years! I agree, closets work great! :)

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