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Tarantula recommendations?

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So Considering I have roaches coming out the wazoo, I thinking about a tarantula or three. I am looking for some recommendations. Aphopelma chalcodes, A. hentzi, Lasidora parahybana, Brachypelma albopilosum. I do not handle so that's not a factor. I do not want a pet hole though. Any thoughts?

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If you've got a lot of feeders to get rid of nothing beats the l. Parahybana. It is a total garbage gut, gets about 7" and grows fast. If you want less of a plain brown color, a. Genticulatas are nice , similar to lp's and they stay in the open as nice display animals once they get over 3" or so. B. Vagans and b. Albos are good choices , though they do tend to spend more time in burrow and are somewhat nocturnal.

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