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so which is it? (Tiger Hisser names)

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Ive seen both names used for the "Tiger Hisser".....is it Gromphadorhina grandidieri or Princisia vanwaerebecki? :unsure:

It is confusing. "Tiger Hisser" just means it is striped and could be either one. Orin makes a pretty good point that while they are two differnet nomenclatures (sp ?) they could be reclassified to be the same.

Generally, I think roaches could use more scientific attention. There do not seem to be as many people who want to go to college and then make a profession of studying roaches as there are people who want to study trees or fish (for examples).

But from what I can tell, roaches are in every region of the globe, in every niche, doing a wide variety of tasks in the environment. They are as important to the Earth as bees, butterflies, flies, ants, mosquitos, and every other bug that seems to get more attention than the roach. So long story short, there are likely more taxonomical issues to be had in the roach world and the cross of Gromphadorhina grandidieri and Princisia vanwaerbecki just needs to be worked out by a taxonomist who is willing to give it some attention. In the meantime there are both, and the differences are slight.

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There are two different stocks of tiger hissers out there, the first may be the least common but it's been in the USA for about fifteen years and is an original, untainted stock from Madagascar. The colorations of this stock has always been consistent. The second is the variety from Europe and arrived here only in the last few years, it looks a little different and supposedly has variable coloration (may throw black or normal color forms). The stock from Europe may be a cross of different species if the black 'princisia' 'normal' 'tiger' were kept together (many hissers have the same male genitalia and may well cross), may be a different species from the same area (geographic color similarities across different species is common in arthropods) or the same species from a different area.

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There are two different stocks of tiger hissers out there.....

THAT DOES IT !! I can see I am going to have to go to freakin' Madagascar now and take some pics. 11,000 miles just to find some roaches.... summer or fall of 2008, hope you all can wait.

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