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Latiblattella rehni

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Got a bunch of young nymphs from Alan, really cool little species of roach! :) Can't wait until they mature!

Small nymph:




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Adorable, can't believe how transparent they are.

Yeah, these are pretty pale looking when young it seems! :) They gain a beautiful mottled sort of pattern once they get older.

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Found hatchling nymphs in the enclosure today! :) However the population of Sinella curviseta in that cage has risen quite a bit in the past few weeks, which has me worried after the whole Chorisoneura fiasco... :unsure:

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24 minutes ago, pannaking22 said:

Glad to hear you found some nymphs! 

Thanks! :) I'm working to control the springtail population in the cage, just in case what happened to my Chorisoneura happens to these. The nymphs of L.rheni are bigger than C.texensis. though, so hopefully all goes well. 

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