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Anyone ever use Eurycotis floridana as feeder?


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Does the defensive odor of these deter anything?

I'm sure it would deter most vertebrates, however it probably wouldn't bother many invertebrates.

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Hmmm. I'm going to Florida next month and was deciding if these would be worth bringing back, if I found some

I certainly would, they are a pretty cool species, and are supposed to be decently prolific. They can be tricky to find though, they aren't nearly as common as the introduced Periplaneta species that are found down there.

On a side note, if you happen to come across any Plectoptera species down there, please collect some, I would love to have some P.picta or P.poeyi! :D (Same goes for Euthlastoblatta gemma or Arenivaga floridensis). ;)

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I plan to take a lot of collection gear with me for sure. I doubt I will see much around the house we will be in(they tend to spray these rental places often) however the backyard borders a very large overgrown area.

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