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Roach suggestions?

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I have a 10g that's split in half with a solid acrylic divider. Half the tank currently has a small colony of horseshoe crab roaches, and I'd like something to put in the other half.

I have peat moss on hand and can get coconut fiber or other materials. I can get hardwood leaves from my yard, mostly pecan, and might be able to grab some oak. I can also get pecan bark and maybe a bit of rotten wood. I also have cat food and fish food on hand.

The most important thing is that it's a species that is very bad at escaping. The tank is in a corner next to a cabinet, so anything that escapes is going to stay gone. I can put petrolum jelly around the top, but anything that flies when disturbed is out.

This is going to be a show-ish species. Something that looks moderately impressive when shown to people is best. It doesn't have to be constantly out, but I'd prefer something that I can at least find to show off, something that'll hang out underneath bark instead of at the bottom of the substrate.

Since I like showing off my critters, I'd like to have something I can occasionally pick up and show to people without it running up my arm, leaping off, or flying away, so preferably something on the larger side.

I'd also prefer that it not be a species that's likely to outgrow the space. Breeding is good, multiplying exponentially until I need a tank three times that size is less good.

I've had Madagascar hissers before, so I'd like something a bit different. Fancy hissers might work.

I'm currently considering widehorn or dwarf hissers. I also like the looks of porcelain roaches, but they seem to be pretty fast/active, and I'd rather not have something that might fly at my face. I don't mind something that can fly but probably won't, though.

And yes, I will absolutely consider links to trade threads with potential species. I'm looking to buy whatever species I decide on.

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Well all of the Gyna species are out, including the porcelain roach, they are super hyper and love to fly! All the hissers are escape artists so I would recommend keeping them in plastic tubs with airtight lids rather than tanks.

Some Blaberus species like B.craniifer would make a good display species, the nymphs burrow and the adults can too but will hide on bark slabs propped up against the glass of an enclosure. They can't climb or fly either. The Therea spp. would work, but be sure not to keep two different species together or else you could create hybrids, which is a big no-no, (same goes for all other cockroach genera, no two species in the same genera should be kept together). Some other cool large non-climbing cockroach species are Archimandrita tesselata, (those need a lot of space though), Byrsotria rothi or B.cabrerai, Polyphaga saussurei, to name a few.

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I really like the looks of the Byrsotria rothi. Does anyone have any for sale?

I Googled them, and it seems like care for them is pretty much just "put on top of substrate, give hiding spots, keep moderately warm, provide food, voila." Does that seem about right?

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From what I've heard B.rothi care should be the same as care for Hemiblabera, I've been keeping my B.fumigata and B.sp. "Cuba" that way at least.

Bugsincyberspace has some for sale, so does Roachcrossing. :)

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