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Black carpet bug infestation


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As you can see from the title the warehouse where I work has been infested with black carpet beetle for upwards of 5 years now and Is pretty much immovable. They are now massively prevelant in all my  colonies and I am wondering if they can damage them in anyway? Such as eat the nymphs etc.

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These guys?


I imagine they're probably helpful like other scavenging beetles, cleaning up dead roaches and such. But if they're extremely abundant and don't have another food source they might start going after molting roaches.

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Yeh they are the ones ? They don't seem to be doing much to the skins laying at the bottom of my tanks unfortunately. When I split my breeder tank down next week il see what sort of damage they have done in terms of the amount of nymphs. I think they are more of an annoying pest than a hindrance tbh. Thanks 

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