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I have researched many conflicting information on Dubia roaches and room temperature. (I know you need a heat mat for maximum breeding results). The question I pose to ask is, Can dubia roaches breed at room temperature? say around 70F to 75F. without additional heating. I want my roaches to breed slower due to the low amount of animals I have to feed them off. (I already cull extras by freezing them and using them another day/ and also give some away. But without going into all the detail, its just a simple question, can they breed "at all" in room temp?



And I love this forum, im so addicted.



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Mine continue breeding down into the 60's. I've had no additional heat sources on them for the last 3 years. My classroom will get below 60 sometimes too. The roaches just carry on. I'm not sure how much actual breeding might happen at that temp, but they tolerate it well enough. 

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