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Eublaberus serranus


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The Eublaberus serranus (pantanal roach), was my first species of pet roach. I originally got them to feed my paceman frogs. They didn't like them. The pantanals are still here, the Pacman are not. Now that I have many nymphs and adults they eat about anything. I keep them in about 4 inches of coco fiber with several pieces of bark above and below the substrate. They seldom produce a defensive odor, and its not very strong or long lasting. They are currently kept in a sterlite tub with holes drilled in the lid. I mist them down once a week. It is very fun to throw in a handful of oats and watch them rise up and pull it into the sub like zombies lol.  My goal is to one day create a cave habitat tank to keep them in. 


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