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I got a huge problem


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I don't know if this has happened to any of you guys but my hisser colony has these swarm of white eggs/dots that spread everywhere they managed to get out of the bin besides that I got maggots little white maggots + mosquitos some kind of mosquitos that aren't afraid of humans they don't bite but they are annoying what can I do now? I have had this before but not spreaded everywhere It's mostly in the right side of the bin, maggots managed to reach outside and my other bins where I keep red runners and lobster almost get contaminated

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Those sound like grain mites, lower the humidity and make sure you are feeding your hissers only as much as they can eat within two days.

You either have phorid flies or fungus gnats, my guess is phorid flies if you are seeing the maggots, as fungus gnat maggots are much more secretive. Phorid flies feed on roach carcasses, so be sure to remove any dead bodies you find and perhaps lower the moisture in the infested enclosures.

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