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Eucalyptus and Oak leaves


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A long time ago I bought Eucalyptus seeds to grow plants from Eucalyptus seeds but at that time they had four different kinds. I only see one type offered at the moment. Most garden shops have oak trees for sale but usually in the spring. I'd recommend, however, buying raspberry plants for outside. You can find hundreds of places selling them and they're more likely to fit your needs.

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P. giganteum and E. tiaratum. I read that the commonly held belief with the sticks is that the raspberry isn't digestable for them until they get bigger, which is why people star them out on Oak. Either way I'm picking ivy leaves off of my tree in my front yard, and my walking stick eats that, but the Extatosoma doesn't like it.

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I thought they both eat rose bush as well, no ??

I have bought loads of euc leaves from here: http://www.eucproducts.com/?OVRAW=eucalypt...;OVMTC=standard

The couple that operates the business is very friendly and they offer a good product. You can even specify the exact age/size of leaf you want and they will get it to you.

As for oak leaves, there is someone who ships a quality selection of oak, black walnut, and other hardwood leaves dried or in mulch form, but can get them fresh here: http://www.arachnoboards.com/ab/showthread.php?t=98246

Have youi also tried Ligustrum sp. ??


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