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Can you guys help me Identify this fossil?

Guest WhodamanHD

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Guest WhodamanHD

Hello everyone, I'm part of the fossil forum and I saw a fossil that I thought looked like an isopod that needed an identification. After some research, this site turned up and I decided to ask y'all if you could confirm or deny my suspicions. It is from the Mississippian period, slightly before isopod are supposed to have evolved ( although a few say even before that) and it is land deposits, meaning it should be a terrestrial one. I don't know much about isopods so I was hoping you guys had some anatomical expertise In analyzing it. I've sent something like this to two other isopod experts but they haven't gotten back to me. Thank you and good luck! Ask if you need anything else.

link to see the pictures and the rest of the thread: http://www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/topic/74597-help-with-arthropod-id/&

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