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Periplaneta australasiae question.

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During my short few weeks here I've noticed something peculiar. I've never once seen a Periplaneta australasiae adult, only nymphs, and my most productive spots to catch said nymphs are by palm trees, so this has me wondering, are the adults more arboreal than the nymphs are? (Obviously they don't mind terrestrial setups.)

Or are the adults more seasonal than American roaches?

Or am I reading to much into it?

#PeriplanetaForHisserDude :P

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Probably just reading too much into it, I've found P.australasiae adults under boards lying on the ground in FL. :) Probably just more nymphs than adults in your area ATM. 

Lol, #IDon'tWantAnyPeriplaneta :lol:

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