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What to keep in new container

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I have a plastic container about 7.5 inches dia and 9.5 inches tall looking for recommendations of what to keep in it. I was thinking about Arenivaga tonkawa or Arenivaga genitalis and was wondering how they would do, or is there possibly any better choices for this size container?

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Wow I feel stupid now. I thought you were asking if your container would work for the roaches you listed.

Now I don't know what your container looks like, but it sounds like it will work for a lot of species.

Panchlora, Periplaneta, and others should work as well.

Post pics. :) (I'd get the Periplaneta, or Panchlora myself)

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19 minutes ago, Randomjoe said:

Well it was a will it work for the listed 1's or someone have a better idea for a roach colony in it. I would think a colony of Periplaneta would  quickly out grow the container.

Yes it will work for your species. 

On the topic of Periplaneta, they have a habit of cannibalizing their ooths so start up is slow.(I caught them in the act, a long with literature evidence) But you'd be surprised at how many roaches can live in seemingly small spaces.

However I figured a climbing species would be more suitable since you can make use of the vertical space, but again your desired roaches will work.

Don't forget about the Panchlora as well.


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Arenivaga would probably love that container, I suggest getting A.cf.genitalis, they are more colorful than A.tonkawa. :) They wouldn't outgrow it for a long time, probably a couple of years, (or even longer if you sell some off periodically), which can't be said for Panchlora or Periplaneta. 

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