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How to /not/ breed dubias?

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I'm starting up a dubia display colony. I know that's not what most people use dubias for, but I kinda like how they look, and they seem fairly bold if the light isn't too bright. Worth a try. 

I don't really want to deal with having several hundred extra roaches, though, so what can I do to slow their breeding without hurting them? Do they just breed constantly, or is there something I can do to make them think it isn't breeding time yet? 

If not, I'll just dump them all out when I have about the right number, sort them by sex, and set the smallest ones aside until they can be sexed properly. I'd like to keep a mix of sexes for appearance, though. 

Also, is there anything in particular that I can give them to make them big, or is it just sheer amount of food? 

Setup is below. It's a 10gal containing a thin layer of coco fiber bedding with a few pieces of bark and a bunch of deer bones on top. Simple, but I think it doesn't look half bad as a roach display. 


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37 minutes ago, Randomjoe said:

Lower temps will make the grow slower and breed slow or not at all. Maybe try 75 f for your temp.

They'd still breed at 75, 68-70 F would be better. Additionally, if you took fruit out of their diet completely, it may slow down their reproduction rates quite a bit, don't know if that would stop reproduction completely though. 

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