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Hello from Germany


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Hello you guys :)

My name's Pia and I am 23 years old.  I live in Germany, where I study Biology and, mostly by coincidence, started to keep Archimandrita tesselata (Giant Peppered Roach) in May.

I came here and made an account since the number of german forums for cockroaches is rather limited. I am glad to be here and grateful for your help in advance.

- Pia

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Welcome here! 
I also started with Archimandrita tesselata. They are still one of my favorite roaches. Easy to keep, a bit docile, not too fast in reproducing and relatively long living. 

This place is very nice to get information and ask questions. Here in Belgium there are not many roach related fora, so I'm glad that this forum exists. 

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Welcome, I'm sure you'll be starting off with other roach species soon enough!

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