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Hello, I'm new to hissers I have 3 males... I've had them for aboit a month and I'm having issues with mold in their cage.. I'm unsure of what to change the bedding to.. i have a wood mulch in there now (given to me by the pet store) also I'm unsure of how moist to keep their cage! Also I've heard of people putting mites in the cage I do not have those.. do I really need them? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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Hissers don't need bedding, but many keepers us it anyway to make the enclosure look more natural, I'd suggest using eco earth/coconut fiber as a bedding rather than mulch.

You should keep them pretty dry, with one corner that is always kept moist. This will help keep mold levels down. Also be sure to remove old, uneaten food after two days or so of being in the enclosure, to prevent it from getting moldy or attracting pests.

Mites are generally bad, you would never want to introduce any to an enclosure! (Except for the large symbiotic mites hissers sometimes have, which are harmless. They don't absolutely need them though, so if your hissers don't have any already, you certainly don't need to add any yourself).

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As Hisserdude pointed out, you shouldn't introduce 'extra' inhabitants. If you see a lot of mites after a while (there are always mites, unless you live a kind of 'ebola' lab), you are most likely feeding too much, of have leftovers remaining too long. 
And indeed, keep the substrate dry with one corner moist and keep dry food away from the moist area and separate dry and wet food. Mites need moisture and are less apt to walk the case from food to moisture than your roaches. 

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