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Hisser allergy

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Well I reached in my hisser tank and scratched my arm on a piece of bark. Within seconds my arm broke out into hives. Now I truely know I am allergic to them. It seemed I have been fighting a lot of allergy symptoms when I got home lately. I am curious as to why hissers cause allergies more than other species. My others species (dubia and Eublaberus serranus) seem to cause me no issues. Bahhhh there goes my tarantula feeders.

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You could wear some gloves when you clean their cage, like some cheep plastic gloves. Also I remember that hissers have quite a few different molds growing on there body, I don't remember the article but I bet you could be able to find it.


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https://news.osu.edu/news/2008/03/17/hissroach/.       Yep this says mold spores. It also appears the mites that done have may keep them in check. So we try to get rid of mites thinking they are a problem and it creates one. Ain't that like us humans lol

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