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Best Type of Plastic Tub?

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I'm redoing and adding to my small collection soon and I want to see about getting some feedback on what's the best kind of plastic tub for roaches. Specifically smaller colonies, up to the size of maybe a 15 qt or so. Come the end of next week my collection will be 3 isopod cultures, 1 springtail culture, my b. rothi group [15 qt], and a p. couloniana [6 qt]. I really want to redo everyone's enclosures though and also try and prevent mites next time, as I know I have them with the springtails and isopods and I want to fix that. (I've been reading a lot on how to fix that so it'll be time consuming but worth it.) I think I'll stick with the isopods and springtails in the cheap 6 qt sterilites, but for the roaches I need something a little better.

For the roaches this time around, I know I want to have vents like this person did, [link], and I'm trying to find something small [6-15 qt or so] but with sturdy latches so when my dad sees them it'll be a little more peace of mind. Even if it's a bit of overkill, as I know they don't need latches to maybe be ok, I cannot take chances by any means or I may lose all of my inverts if we have any escapes. Any suggestions for what might be the best fit is appreciated. c:


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I use sterlite clear view tubs from menards I use the 15 and 27 quart tubs they work nice, I take a hot nail with a vice grip attached clamped to it and put 2 rows of ventalation on each side then I spray paint the purple handles flat black. I also use gasket containers from target they have a seal and 4 clamps on them I primarily use those for hissers, and I cut a section of screen and use hot glue to secure it. I do have some of those round vents in the pic. I'm planning on using in some cages you can get the vents at roundvents.com

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