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Gromphadorhina o. terrarium


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I had a colony of G. portentosa a few years ago and I used to breed them in dry terrariums, just with paper eggs boxes. I would like to try to have my new ones in a more aesthetic terrarium. Do you think I can use soil, mosses, wood, rocks, dead leaves, or should I just keep the first option and go back to the eggs boxes ?

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You can definitely use substrate, plants, and tank decor. I recommend coco coir for a substrate (I prefer Eco Earth bricks but others prefer more generic varieties). Of course this will also depend on if you want to breed them a lot or just keep them for display.

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You can definitely use a more aesthetic enclosure design, BUT, if you plan on breeding them, be aware that they will eventually coat every available surface, and probably eat any and all mosses and dead leaves you toss in there over time, rendering that type of setup useless. If you just get a few adult males, then you won't have to worry about that. :) 

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