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I know this isn't super relevant as a subject to discuss, but I'm just so excited! My library decided to accept my purchase request for For the Love of Cockroaches by Orin McMonigle, and now they have it!

I have never hit "Place Hold" so quickly in my life! :D

I can't wait to learn all about roaches and finally decide on a species for my next colony!

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15 hours ago, Hisserdude said:

Awesome, it's definitely a book worth getting, hopefully it'll arrive it your library quickly! :D

It's "being processed" currently. I'm planning on going to the library and hopefully picking it up today, as I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow and would love a good book to read on the plane :)

14 hours ago, ptanner said:

Awesome! Mine was delivered last week and  it is FANTASTIC!

2 hours ago, varnon said:

Thats awesome! I got a copy for my personal library. Its a nice reference.

I've heard lots of good stuff about it. I can't wait to read it!

4 hours ago, vfox said:

Very cool, I'm glad the library was willing to pick up the title. 

Me too, I was worried because of the price and the fact I'd never requested a purchase. Hopefully I won't be the only one excited to see such a unique book in the library system :D

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