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can you ID this Roach?

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You should ask Nicolas Rousseaux (http://www.roachforum.com/index.php?/profile/3063-nicolas-rousseaux/). I've seen them in his collection when I visited him (or at least something like that). 

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I have some, too :)

They're quite common from southern Myanmar through Thai, Lao, Cambodia to Vietnam, mostly forest-dwelling, but also I've met'em in gardens, on the ground, under logs or low on tree trunks. Adults - from september to ?november? [I haven't been there later], nymphs from 10mm - from the end of april or beginning of may...

40 - 50mm, blueish-black thorax|wings, dark reddish-brown abdomen. Pretty impressive roaches, wary, quick, and - unexpectedly - pretty fragile creatures.

This whitish substance is really a glue, mb, it's toxic, 'cause after contact with it ants die quite quickly, in several minutes...

They're not easy to catch, and even more tricky to handle, 'cause of this glue. They imediately smear with this glue everything around, including themselves, and die :|

And I've failed ingloriously with eggsacs - not a single hatchling after half a year, though embryos appeared to be intact but dead. Maybe, they need smth to be stimulated.


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