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Favorite species?

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Ok, I know this may be in the wrong topic (hopefully not) but I have to ask, what’s everyone’s all time favorite species? Recently I’ve been getting hooked onto roaches more and more (I now own thirteen species!) but, as everyone does, I have my favorites! i haven’t really been on this forum too much (I’m way more active on the beetleforum) so I hope I’m not encroaching on any unspoken boundaries or anything. Anyways, here’s my favorites, why they’re my favorites, in descending order.

#1: broad keys roaches/hemiblabera tenebricosa, definitely my personal favorite so far, I haven’t had them for too long, but I absolutely love the aesthetics of these guys! Plus, they seem pretty easy to care for, they get fairly large, and they’re native!

#2: gromphadorhina portentosa, of course, how could this not be in anyone’s top roach list? They’re easy to care for, get huge, HISS, very easy to handle, and have a long lifespan! They’re also, in my opinion, the classic, best possible insect to use for outreach (not even BDFBs get the love and attention these guys do) with young children, I’ve had so many kids loving the hissers by the time I’m done letting them see them!

#3: simandoa conserfariam, while these guys aren’t huge, or great for handling, I must put these up here simply because of the story they tell! What better roach to say to people “hey, were not the evil creeps you think we are” while I haven’t had the chance to use these for outreach yet, I’ll definitely try in the future!

#4: lobster roaches, yes, I know some people may not like these guys, and most people I show them to wrinkle their noses in disgust, well except for some kids, but I can’t leave my dutiful, most useful, important colony out of the list! These things are saviors for those who have lots of predators that feed on roaches, as they breed fast, grow up quickly, will accept most foods, seem to not smell, are quite pretty if you really look at them, and seem to be accepted by most animals for food (I’ve never had anything refuse them).

thats it, beyond that I can’t really decide which other species I love the most, but I’d like to hear other peoples opinions too!

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1. Lucihormetica grossei, they are so awesome though you rarely see them, and they really easy to hold. 

2. Macropanesthia rhinoceros, because who couldn't love those chunky roaches! 

3. Simandoa conserfariam, i could watch them all day they are very curious little ones thats for sure. 

the list could go on for ever

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Out of the species I have kept, I'd say that out of everything, I have a particular fondness for Eurycotis spp. They have the very odd combination of a large size combined with the "Classic" roach body style and often present dazzling coloration. Out of the Eurycotis that I've kept, I'd sat that Eurycotis opaca "Jaruco" is probably my favorite followed closely by E.decipiens. 

Although some other things that I keep are more interesting/cooler in general such as Lanxoblatta rudis and Dorylae orini, but they don't reach the top of my list because of they're highly increased difficulty of rearing/reproducing. 

There are some notable species that leave behind the difficulty while still bringing the intrigue though such as Gyna centurio and Polyphaga saussurei. The P.saussurei are excellent for handling, display impeccable longevity living 5+ years (although slow growth plays into this with nymphs taking around 2 years to mature) and also grow to the largest size of any Corydiid in the U.S hobby. The G.centurio show both red and white coloration at adulthood (very rare colors among species bred in captivity) and are among the calmest of the Gyna, usually staying below the substrate and rarely resorting to flight. 

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Aussie Rhino Roaches - nice big heavy roaches with a nice colors.

Wide Horn Hissers - absolute huge hisser with great hissing attitude. 

Pepper Roaches and Giant Caves - both are a tie ...both these species will always hold a special place in my heart. They are just an absolute blast to have as pets. 

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I gotta go with Archmandrita tesselata :) They are the first species I kept (and am still keeping), and thus hold a very special place in my heart.

I love how relaxed they are when being handeld and how each of them has a individual pattern on their wings (and their neck-shield, which I forgot the name of...)!

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I adore all roaches but b. giganteus has a special place in my heart. I love keeping them, and they attract a lot of attention during outreach. Some also can get pretty calm if you work with them.

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