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A. tesselata nymphs

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2 hours ago, Matttoadman said:

I finally have my first adult. It’s really dark on the wings. 

Congrats! They're so impressive, right? :) 

Darker wing coloration seems to be directly related to nymphs maturing in colder temps, if you were wondering. ? 

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Yep, I've observed this occurance in Parcoblatta pennsylvanica and I bet the same could be true for some other winged roaches as well. :) 

Hmm, just slightly on the cooler side then. Exactly how dark is your adult? I kept mine a bit colder than that (at the time the warmest things got were around 70 F I believe) and my adults were nearly solid black so I assume yours might be a bit lighter in color?

Now that I'm keeping mine on the warmer side, I'm not seeing any black or even mostly black adults.

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