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Anyone have tips on making roach bin cleaning easier? It is annoying to take them out and then put them back in. I have my dubias in a bin with no substrate because I think two are mommas to be. Right now these are pets but once there are a few babies I'm going to start my first colony. Worried about mold. With my hissers (who are on ecoearth) I put their fruit on tile samples I got at Home Depot and it's no longer an issue. 


Thanks :)

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With dryness-proof beetles like darklings and some carabids, I serve their food on "dishes" to avoid dirtying the floor. The rest of the cage has no moisture,  discouraging mold. 


Unlike many beetles, a number of roaches tend to be more dessication-prone (is this true for Dubias?). Maybe putting food dishes at a dry area and making a wet corner will prove useful. Beware, roaches can carry small food items w mouth,  so make sure the food is heavy

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I clean dubias once a year, keep it dry.  On a heat pad most of the time keeps it dry.  No substrate.  Put food on a disposable plate (piece of plastic, a lid, whatever) in case it goes bad.  I keep one superworm in right now to cleanup what I miss.

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