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Unwanted Halloween Hisser Babies...

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Hey all! Back in March, I got myself 5 halloween hisser nymphs. The guy I got them from tried to pick out only males for me, because I want them as pets only and am not currently interested in having a whole breeding colony. Now that they are adults and easier to sex, I have realized that one of them is female and I caught her mating with one of the others a couple weeks ago, so I'm guessing I should be expecting babies in late July/early August? Their enclosure isn't big enough to handle 30+ adults, and I don't really want to upgrade and have a breeding colony, so I should probably figure something out. Should I give the female by herself to someone else before the babies come, or try to handle all the babies in a separate enclosure and then sell them with the female? Do babies have to be a certain age before they can ship well? I've also never shipped anything living before, so I'm a little nervous to, but I don't know anyone local that would take her.

PS: I know killing her would also solve the problem, but I'm rather attached to my hissers... I really don't want to get rid of her either but if she's just going to keep popping out unwanted babies, then I feel it's the best option for me at the moment....

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If you need to rehome, send me a msg. I'll happily add them to my colony! I can even send some males if you want.

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