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Roach Jelly/beatle Jelly for hissers

Crazy Bug Lady

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So I've been feeding my hissers roach jelly, along with fish flakes and some carrots and apples.  My colony is very small,.  I have two females in one cage and seven males in the other cage.  I've noticed that they aren't eating the roach jelly very fast, but that it seems to do well as a source of water along with misting.  Am I over feeding them with the roach jelly?  How long is it ok to leave a roach jelly in the cage?  Just wondering if anybody knows.  I purchased the jelly from bugsincyberspace as I heard it was a good source of both food and water, but I'm wondering if it's too much for my tiny colony.

Any information on roach jelly would be much appreciated.

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Well, bugsincyberspace says it doesn't mold.

It can thus be left in there for as long as needed; roaches don't seem usually prone to overeating.


Although shortlived large scarabs common in the beetle hobby seem to do well on only jelly, I do not suggest doing so for roaches due to their differing nutritional requirements.

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