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Tips on identifying nymphs of different species ?

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I've gotten better with identifying nymphs by genus, so I can usually tell if it's Gromphadorhina, Elliptorhina, etc, but do you have any tips on identifying within the genus?

For example, will the black strain of Grandidieri be solid black as nymphs? How about any tips on distinguishing between Chopardi and Javanica nymphs?


And Princisia nymphs, they seem so similar to Gromphadorhina nymphs.  How to distinguish?  



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I beg you pardon, but why do you need to be able to distinguish nymphs? 
Do you have them mixed? Or has the label fallen off? 
I'm a bit puzzled... 

But to be fair, I cannot directly help you with your question, as I do not have multiple hisser species. Although I find it very hard, next to impossible, to tell apart the nymphs of certain other related species. 

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Ah, now I understand! 
Well, I myself do at times worry that I might not be able to distinguish my Polyphaga species if I ever had to. So in that sense I understand your hypothetical challenge :) 

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Hisser nymphs can be almost impossible to tell apart, and adults of some "Princisia" and Gromphadorhina strains are difficult to tell apart as well, seeing as many commonly sold strains of both are actually hybrids between the two...

Additionally, "Princisia" may not be a valid genus in the first place, so even under a microscope you probably couldn't tell their nymphs apart from Gromphadorhina.

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