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Cockroaches that bite people within Blaberus?

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Almost all species will bite/nibble, but mostly only when some smell of food is on your hands during maintenance. I find that the biggest and smaller species' bites hurt the most, but any nip can pack a punch if they get your arm/back of your hand. lol 

One species that seems to like biting whether it smells food on you or not is Eurycotis lixa. This roach will literally bite me about 75% of the time I hold it. LOL

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15 hours ago, aoikirin said:

I've yet to have any species of roach bite me, but I only have about 15 to 20 different species, none from the genus Eurycotis for example.  

Consider yourself lucky; I found out early that roaches will nip as E.lixa was only the 3rd species I kept. LOL Nonetheless, they still definitely make up for their nippiness with their large size, impressive coloration, and interesting behavior. :) 

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