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Can someone help me identify this bugger?


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I found these at work today, they were stumbling around and look to be 2+ inches.

Scares me, I didn't know we had bugs this large in Calgary, Alberta. Canada.


Someone seems to post about that bug every year or two. It is unrelated to roaches though it is commonly known as a Giant Water Bug (it is a true bug) in cotrast to the pest, oriental roaches sometimes called 'water bugs'. Your true bug is in the genus Lethocerus, it eats fish and insects, has a painful bite and lives in the water. It is most often encountered by people when it flies to lights at night -seasonally.

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I had a guy ring me one of these guys to find out what it was a couple of years ago, not sure it was a native species though, he found it at work, and his job is in a warehouse in the cargo area of an airport. I'm sure he could find all kinds of cool bugs, from all over the world. Obtained legally, no paperwork needed for stowaways right?

P.S. There is also a hammer in the photograph. One of the claw variety ones. Handleus fiberglassius

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thanks for the identification, particularly of that hammer, it had me worried.

Those bugs are scary! We are currently working on a building structure that has no outside walls and contains lots of bright white lights at night so it makes sense what you said about them being attracted to the lights at night.

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